Painting and Staining

Whether you have an interior or exterior painting project, VK & Sons, Inc., has the solution to make your visions and dreams a reality. Don’t be fooled!  Like everything, you get what you pay for. Painting is no different. There are three critical factors that come into play which will drastically affect the outcome of your painting project:

1). The preparation of the surface to be painted (Sanding, caulking, spackling, holes and cracks filled, nail pops removed).

2). The craftsmanship of the painters (All of our painters have at minimum of 10 years painting experience).

3). The quality of the paint (We trust and use Benjamin Moore).

The reduction of any or all of the above factors, will drastically diminish the outcome you envisioned.

At VK & Sons, every detail from surface preparation, craftsmanship and paint are brought to your project in order to ensure the highest quality painting project. We move anything that needs to be moved and then moved it all back to where it was when the project is completed. Also, we protect, dust and vacuum everything! When the painting is completed, we thoroughly clean every room where we’ve worked!

Since 1956 VK & Sons, Inc., has been a trusted, high quality, third generation, family owned and operated contractor!